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Item # Description
1196440 1/2″ Premium Crinkle-cut Fries, Long, Fancy
1847020  Crinkle Cut French Fries
2217080  French Fries, Regular Cut, 3/8 Inch, Long Fancy
4119910  1/4″ Shoestring Fries
4120430  3/8″ Regular-cut Fries, Extra-long
4120500  5/16″ Straight-cut French Fries
4121400  3/8″ Regular Cut French Fries
4122300  Steak-Cut. Grade B
4146010  Grade A. 3/8″. Regular-cut. Non-coated.
4184400  ¼”. Grade B. Non-coated. Shoestring.
4184500  3/8″. Crinkle-Cut. Grade B. Non-Coated. Long & Fancy.
4372600  5/16″ Extra Long Fancy Regular Cut French Fries
4373500  Seasoned Curly Fries
4373900  Crinkle-Cut French Fries
5745020  Wide Cut Sweet Potato Fries
5750700  French Fries, 3/8 Inch, Skin-on, Extra Long Fancy
5998500  Ready-to-fry Potato Chips, Skin On
6324120  Regular Cut, 3/8 Inch, Extra Long Fancy, Clear Coated, Skin-On
6539210  Regular Cut, 3/8 Inch, Long Fancy, Seasoned & Coated
7274580  Regular Cut, 5/16 Inch
7413290  Waffle Cut French Fries